Marica Javorović

Marica Javorović

Company member

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Professional experience

LICENSED TAX ADVISOR at Javorović, Idžojtić and partners; Zagreb, Vlaška 94.

Work experience

  • 2007. Imex bank, Split, insurance representation
  • 2006. LIBERTAS Business School, Zagreb, teacher
  • 2001.-2005. Libertas osiguranje, Zagreb, Director of the Financial and Accounting Sector
  • 1995.-2001. Invest Consult, Zagreb, Head of Accounting
  • 1986.-1994. Željezara Sisak (Sisak Ironworks), Sisak, economist at the Accounting Department


  • Secondary School:
    1977.-1981. - Secondary School of Economics, Sisak, economics and accounting module
  • Faculty of Economics and Business: 
    1981.-1985. graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, finance and banking module

Specialist areas

  •   Licensed tax advisor – Licenses issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia – class: UP/I-131-01/07-01/69; Reg. no.: 513-07-21-11/07-3
  •   Licensed mediator for carrying out insurance mediation tasks for all insurance groups
  •   Licensed agent for carrying out insurance representation tasks for all insurance groups.
  •   Selection to the teaching rank from the field of social sciences, scientific field of economics, for the course Fundamentals of Accounting by the the Croatian Council of Universities and University Colleges of Applied Sciences
  •   Completed professional seminars from the area of accounting and finance, balance sheets assessment.