mr. sc. Ljubica Javor

 Partner – advisor

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Professional experience

Partner - advisor at Javorović, Idžojtić and partners; Zagreb, Vlaška 94.

Work experience

  • 8.5 years of work experience in accounting departments of two small companies starting from the position of a trainee up to the position of head of accounting
  • 6.5 years at Social Accounting Service – Central Office, Department for Control – senior advisor for sales tax
  • 14 years at the Tax Administration’s Central Office – senior advisor for sales tax, i.e. VAT


  • Faculty of Foreign Trade: 
    1978. - graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Trade in Zagreb and obtained the title of graduate economist
  • Master’s degree: 
    2002. - earned a master’s degree at the postgraduate study programme “Fiscal System and Fiscal Policy” at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb and obtained the title of master of science (Mr. Sc.)
  • Seminars, courses: 
    Participated in numerous seminars in Croatia and abroad - OECD, ITD, Fiscalis seminars. 
    Completed a course for “training of trainers” at the Central State Administrative Office.

Specialist areas

  •   Actively involved in the introduction of VAT in Croatia in 1998.; from 2006. she was actively involved in the Working Group for Chapter 16 Taxes related to EU accession negotiations and projects related to the harmonization of the Value Added Tax Act with EU directives
  •   For a number of years, she has been publishing professional papers from the field of taxation, especially goods and services sales taxation in numerous professional journals; she is the co-author of numerous manuals on tax issues.
  •   She is periodically hired by the Faculty of Economics and Business – Public Finance Department from Zagreb to give lectures at a full-time and postgraduate study programme and at Taxation Studies at the Social Science Polytechnic in Zagreb.