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It is common knowledge that business management necessarily involves tax risk management. This is especially evident under the circumstances of a high effective tax burden placed on businesses, such as in Croatia. Any delay in tax payment (intentional or unintentional) typically creates a risk of a significant decline in performance, either directly through the emergence of additional expenditures (default interest, fines etc.), or also indirectly through the prescribed highest level of priority of their settlement under the conditions of insolvency.

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Program name: Training programme for the tasks of a tax specialist

Tax regulations are constantly changing, which is the result of several factors today. First of all, taxes are an instrument of national economic policy and as such they change depending on the change in the economic conditions and goals of the economic policy. Second of all, taxes are increasingly the subject of harmonization at the European Union level, and Croatia, as a member, is required to include a growing number of relevant elements of the EU acquis communautaire into its tax system. Third, with economic and technological development, and the increasing globalization of economic activities, business practice is also developing, so tax systems need to change as well.

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mr.sc. Miljenko Javorovic
After successful completion of the programme, a Certificate of becoming a Tax Specialist is obtained, which includes the following competences:
  • independent tax consulting within the framework of their activities
  • independent application of tax regulations and other regulations regarding taxes and tax law
  • independent calculation and payment of all forms of taxes and public charges
  • independent preparation of annual tax returns
  • the ability to monitor and participate in all tax procedures

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